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eOriginal is the trusted leader in digital lending technology. Our proven and widely-used platform enables lenders, investors, custodians, and others to create, manage, and monetize digital loans, from close through the secondary market – all protected by our Digital Asset Certainty. eOriginal provides an unparalleled ecosystem enabling loans to move fluidly between market participants. This fuels transformational speed and capital efficiency by accelerating the rate at which digital financial assets can be originated and moved into the secondary market. The choice of industry leaders, the largest financial institutions, leading law firms, and credit rating agencies rely on eOriginal as a trusted partner.





eAsset Management for Mortgage enables originators, warehouse lenders, custodians, investors and others to securely manage and monetize digital loans. With eAsset Management for Mortgage, lenders enjoy accelerated capital efficiency and reduced dwell time with swift secondary market delivery of digital mortgage promissory eNotes. eAsset Management for Mortage is fully integrated with MERS eRegistry, the legal system of record for identifying the holder and custodian of eNotes.

eOriginal is the only company to provide clients with Digital Asset Certainty – the assurance that digital loans meet and maintain the highest level of legal enforceability and compliance. We do this by creating an immutable "digital original" and providing an auditable chain of custody and control to ensure the secured-party holds a first priority security interest.




Learn how eOriginal securely digitizes the lending process from the borrower to the secondary market.

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250 West Pratt Street Suite 1400
Baltimore, Maryland 21201 US
Phone: 1-866-935-1776