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Address: 15950 N. Dallas Pkwy Suite 400
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Smart Communications is a leading technology company focused on helping businesses engage in more meaningful customer conversations. Its Conversation Cloud™ platform uniquely delivers personalized, omnichannel conversations across the entire customer experience, empowering companies to succeed in today’s digital-focused, customer-driven world while also simplifying processes and operating more efficiently. Smart Communications is headquartered in the UK and serves more than 650 customers from offices located across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Smart Communications’ Conversation Cloud platform includes the enterprise-scale customer communications management (CCM) power of SmartCOMM, forms transformation capabilities made possible by SmartIQ and the trade documentation expertise of SmartDX. To learn more, visit





Cloud-based digital form and workflow software for enterprise-level customer process solutions. SmartIQ™ uses real-time data and customized workflows to create intuitive, interview-style forms – giving companies the potential to reduce call volumes, manual data updates, and erroneous transactions. SmartIQ integrates with OneSpan Sign to provide an intelligent forms experience prior to a seamless transfer over to OneSpan for digital signature.

SmartCOMM™ delivers personalized, interactive communications via multiple channels and at tremendous scale. Designed for the business user, it simplifies and standardizes processes, thus improving internal efficiency and increasing ROI. SmartCOMM integrates with OneSpan Sign to provide embedded digital signature capabilities to omni-channel communications generation and management.




In this white paper, Smart Communications collected insights from industry thought leaders to uncover the five major trends that will impact how businesses communicate with their customers in the future.

This buyer’s guide helps prospective customers understand the benefits of pure cloud solutions and includes questions one should ask when making a purchasing decision.



The Conversation Cloud™

The Conversation Cloud™

The only cloud platform delivering personalized, omnichannel conversations across the entire customer experience. Its key capabilities – Collect, Communicate, Collaborate and Coordinate – are powered by Integration and Intelligence, allowing enterprises to engage in SMARTER conversations more efficiently.

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15950 N. Dallas Pkwy Suite 400
Dallas, Texas 75248 US
Phone: +1 800 986 6810