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Contact: Chuck Emond
Phone: (613) 949-1371
Website: http://www.ahundredanswers.com
Address: 340 March Road Suite 200 Suite 1000
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 2E4 CA

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A Hundred Answers (AHA), an Ottawa-based professional services firm providing advisory, digital & technology solutions and services, has recently joined forces with MNP. AHA expands MNP’s full range of services and solutions across multiple practice areas to public and private sector clients located across North America. MNP’s practices include: Business Transformation, Risk Management & Privacy, IT Advisory, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI), Case Management Solutions and Information Management & Governance. Many of our solutions are key differentiators for us in the market and incorporate intellectual property investments that we have made to accelerate project deployments. We also undertake specific Research & Development (R&D) in areas that are of interest or of particular value to clients.





Building a digital business relies on the ability to articulate a business strategy - whether it is B2B, B2C, B2E, G2C, G2B - and bring design thinking into the overall user experience. Digital strategy needs to advance beyond the "what" to the "how" it will be delivered to the customer, supplier, employee or other stakeholder. Digital technologies have profoundly changed the way we do business, buy, work and live. They have altered society and continue impacting virtually all business functions and industries. This is partially what digital business is all about. Today, digital business mainly is used in a context of digital transformation, disruptive technologies, holistic business optimization and integration/convergence. However, it’s much more than that. It’s also about digital marketing transformation, social business and – as we can never forget the human element that risks being ignored amidst the avalanche of new technologies and the digital fascination – humanization. A key part of it all is information – put at work, which requires a holistic information management approach – and connecting value to create more value, throughout the entire ecosystem. A Hundred Answers is at the forefront of helping our clients embrace the shift to becoming digital businesses. We help our clients create value within the digital ecosystem along three principal tracks: creating new sources of revenue, rationalizing cost structure and enhancing the speed of technology adoption. Come, engage with AHA in exploring YOUR shift to digital and all that it means to you and your organization. To discuss the range of services that AHA can provide, please drop us a line at sales@ahundredanswers.com.




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340 March Road Suite 200 Suite 1000
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 2E4 CA
Phone: (613) 949-1371