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As an identity verification and Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) solution, Equifax eIDVerifier uniquely confirms an applicant’s identity. Equifax and eSignLive have partnered to provide third-party, dynamic knowledge-based authentication (KBA) as part of the eSignLive signer authentication option for online e-signing transactions. Through the Equifax eIDVerifier™, organizations reduce the risk of identity fraud and unauthorized online access for high-risk transactions, as well as risks associated with unknown customers during first-time transactions. Unlike traditional methods that rely solely on wallet information such as Social Security number, driver’s license number and address to identify users online, the Equifax Secure authentication engine requests both financial and non-financial information that should be known only to the user.





To keep up with the pace of business, today’s organizations conduct business online with clients and prospects. The online world is a faceless environment and can put organizations at risk when dealing with the unidentified. Although individuals say who they claim to be, how can organizations truly know who they are doing business with at the other end of a transaction?

According to Forrester, user authentication is a key driver to the success of e-signature adoption. When organizations are in the evaluation stage of considering which e-signature solution best fits their business needs, emphasis is placed on how well the solution can prove a signer’s identity and if documents were sent to the correct signer. Organizations want peace of mind when choosing an e-signature solution with robust and flexible user authentication features to add an extra layer of security when conducting transactions online.







425 Yale Dr
San Mateo, Georgia 30309-2402 US
Phone: (404) 885-8000