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Contact: Geoff Kendall
Phone: 1 300 135 262
Website: https://www.ezidox.com
Address: lvl 2, 6 The Corso
Manly, NSW 2095 AU

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Anyone who collects documents from customers or suppliers knows how difficult and tedious the entire process can get. Some documents arrive as email attachments, some as paper documents and some just never seem to arrive. Chasing and processing documents is time consuming and frustrating for everyone involved. ezidox™ provides the knowledge to understand exactly what documents are required, by when and in what format, together with the tools to help capture, deliver, process and archive them securely and efficiently, ready for use in your internal systems.





ezidox - easy document collection




Automate Document Collection in a Few Easy Steps.







lvl 2, 6 The Corso
Manly, NSW 2095 AU
Phone: 1 300 135 262